About Us

Dee's start in the stained glass business began innocently, and truth be known, stubbornly. She was invited with friends to take a stained glass class with them. She turned them down, but watched them carefully as they created beautiful items from light catchers to panels. One day, her friend made a panel of a cockatoo, and Dee so wanted that panel! Her friend looked at her and said, "No - make one yourself!" And so, the story goes.

Her friend taught her the basics. Her husband, Mark, purchased all the tools she needed for Christmas that same year and he signed her up for a class, which she convinced him to take also. That was back in 1979. She was hooked and so was he.

A self-taught artist in charcoal and pastels, the transition to stained glass came easily for Dee as she continued to pursue her new found love for glass, filled with colors and textures. Her success did not come without any struggles, but her stubbornness prevailed. Later, she took her talent to arts and craft shows throughout the entire state and stayed on that circuit for 10 years. In 1996, the opportunity presented itself for Mark and Dee to open a stained glass store, and "The Glass Act" was born.

Dee and Mark teach a variety of classes and workshops from beginner's to advanced. One of the things they like to teach is to always keep an open mind. "Your mind is like a sponge. Learn new techniques and explore the wonderful world of stained glass art." If you see something you like in another medium, think of ways to turn it into stained glass.

Dee continues to learn different techniques in all facets of the stained glass industry from books, colleagues, and classes at trade shows from the industry's leading artists. By keeping that "open mind," it allows her to take ideas and turn them into glass art, from Lighthouse Kaleidoscopes, to Jeweled Beveled Hour Glasses, to Stained Glass Panels.

When her interest turned to fused glass, she participated in a fusing workshop given by Lisa Vogt. She also learned from friends and colleagues the art of fused dichroic jewelry. As Dee continues to grow, she gathers as many skills as she can in order to pass them on to customers and friends alike.

So, why don't you join her and see what stained glass art is all about? Explore her world of stained glass and see what she sees when looking through her "rose colored glasses" here at The Glass Act.